Acupuncturists, Body Balancing, Chiropractors, Craniosacral & Massage Therapists 

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Pregnancy Sanctuary 760-815-3852

Vitality Chiropractic 619-299-9722

World of Wellness Chiropractic 619-938-1800

Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic 619-281-1234

Gerken Family Chiropractic 619-422-3088

North County Family Chiropractic 858-674-6400

Whole Family Wellness Center 619-894-4725

Center for Stillness 760-809-7081

Remember to Breathe Health Center 619-224-1190

Acu Massage Therapy 619-405-5282

Born of Heart 760-533-9475

Bella Baby Doula/Massage Therapist 858-774-5480

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

Exercise & Nutrition

The Brewer Pregnancy Diet

Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition

Fit Pregnancy

Discovery Fit & Health


Fathers To Be, International

Becoming Dad


North American Registry of Midwives

Midwives Alliance of North America

National Association of Professional Midwives

Center for Natural Birth

The Art of Opening

The Guided Journey Maternity Care

Mother to Mother Midwifery

San Diego County Midwives

San Diego Midwives

Birth Matters Inc. 

Andrea’s Midwifery 

San Diego Birth

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Naturopathic Health Center of San Diego 858-618-5449

LotusRain Naturopathic Clinic 619-239-5433

National Center for Homeopathy

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians


American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Organizations & On-line Research


World Health Organization

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Institutes of Health-National Library of Medicine

The Cochrane Collaboration

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Coalition for Improvement in Maternity Services

Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health

National Advocates for Pregnant Women

Childbirth Connection


Evidence Based Birth

Birth Monopoly

Sidelines National High Risk Pregnancy Support Network

Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Childbirth

March of Dimes

International Birth and Wellness Project

Online Research

Preggie Pals Podcast: Advice for Expecting Parents

Science and Sensibility (of Lamaze International)

Birthing the Future

Informed Choices in Childbirth

Childbirth Solutions

Choices in Childbirth

Understanding Birth Better

My Best Birth

From Womb To World



SD Birth Resource Network

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Pathways to Family Wellness

San Diego Family Magazine

San Diego Parent Magazine

Midwifery Today


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