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Birth can be an empowering experience for birthing families.  In most cases, the natural birth process works and is safe.  Through informed choice and emotional and physical support, families are enabled to have their desired birth experience.  There should be a doula for every family who wants one.

A little about me…

A person’s birth experience can be tantamount to or surpass any other defining experience in her life.  The power of the mind and body in the birth process is awe-inspiring.  It is the mind-body connection that I have been drawn to and focused on during my education.  As a Psychology and Kinesiology graduate, I initially approached my study of this interplay of mind and body as it relates to sport and exercise, how the power of an aware and trained mind can positively influence the body’s performance.  I found myself doing research about the birth experience and, ultimately, worked with postpartum families for my Masters thesis.

After becoming pregnant and giving birth, I realized not only how relevant but also how powerful a person can be when mentally and emotionally prepared to give birth.  Having personally experienced how the process of birth can profoundly change a person, I was inspired to begin looking at the mind-body connection as it relates to the birth experience.  It quickly became clear that I had been on the path to becoming a Doula all along.

By nature, I am a caretaker and advocate, and I am passionate about supporting families during this intense and transforming experience.  I understand that a person’s past experiences, expectations, and preparation for the birth process all affect their experience.  I believe in respecting the birthing family’s choices and the best choices are informed choices.  As a birth doula, I am here to help guide you through preparing for your desired birth, encourage and assist you during labor, as well as help you adjust to unexpected situations should they arise.  I am there to help maintain an environment where your privacy, autonomy, and emotional security are protected, and your mobility is encouraged.  It is my goal that you have a positive and empowering birth experience, feeling validated and supported.

I am honored to be a part of each family’s birth.  As a doula, it is an experience that is equally inspiring and humbling.