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Ask Henci

Ask Dr. Sears

11 TED Talks for Pregnancy and Birth

The Due Date Debacle

When Should a Baby Engage in Pregnancy?

Helping the Baby Engage at the end of Pregnancy

A Doula’s First-time Mama Advice Kit

10 Ways to a Low Intervention Birth

12 Mainstream Pregnancy Lies You Likely Believe


Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy: Help for Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy & Lecithin

Calcium Supplementation During Pregnancy for Preventing Hypertensive Disorders

High Amniotic Fluid During Your Third Trimester

When a Big Baby Isn’t So Big

Gestational Diabetes

Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes: The NIH Consensus Conference Day 1

Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes: The NIH Consensus Conference Day 2

Gestational Diabetes and the Glucola Test

Gestational Diabetes: Please Don’t Drink the “Glucola” Without Reading the Label

Effect of Treatment of Gestational Diabetes Millitus on Pregnancy Outcomes

Group B Strep

Group B Strep in Pregnancy: Evidence for Antibiotics and Alternatives

Treating GBS: Are Antibiotics Necessary?

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

The Reality and Research Behind Severe Morning Sickness (Hyperemesis Gravidarum)

The Real Cause of Hyperemesis Gravidarum?


Preeclampsia: Research Roundup and Information for Professionals and Consumers

Preeclampsia Fact Sheet

Preeclampsia Foundation Introduces Illustrated Educational Tool

Pre-eclampsia Renamed and Reframed: Intra-abdominal Hypertension in Pregnancy

Prelabor Rupture of Membranes (PROM)

What is the Evidence for Inducing Labor if Your Water Breaks at Term?

What is the Evidence for Going on Bed Rest if Your Water Breaks?

Pre-labour Rupture of Membranes: Impatience and Risk

Membrane Release Before Birth Sensations Begin, What to do?

Rh Factor

Rh Factor and Pregnancy


What is the Evidence for Doulas?

What Doulas Do

The Doula Fact Sheet

Three Things Your Doula Can’t Tell You

What Goes Into a Doula’s Fee?

Doula Rhyme

5 Better Questions to Ask a Potential Doula: Scrap the List

Fathers & Partners

Fathers Attending Birth

Fathers at Birth


Safe Homeopathic Remedies for You and Your Baby

How Chiropractic Can Help With Pregnancy and Birth

Stop Doing Kegels: Real Pelvic Floor Advice for Women

The Truth Behind the Flu Vaccine

Reading Beyond the Headlines

Plus Size Birth

Maternal Obesity From All Sides (Pt. 1) & (Pt. 2) & (Pt. 3)

MTHFR- How 1 in 4 Pregnancies May Be Affected

Informed Decision-making

Obstetrician Ethics: Awesome Guidelines from the National OB’s Group

Many Women and Providers Are Unprepared for an Evidence-Based, Educated Conversation about Birth

Becoming an Informed Birth Consumer

Informed Consent in Childbirth: Making Rights a Reality

Informed Consent & Refusal in Maternity Care

Committee Opinion No. 664: Refusal of Medically Recommended Treatment During Pregnancy

When Doctors Don’t Listen: Informed Consent and Birth

State of Evidence-based Maternity Care in the U.S.

In Delivery Rooms, Reducing the Births of Convenience

Your Body, Your Decisions

The Illusion of Choice

Information Does Not Equal Knowledge

Asking the Right Questions

“No Thank You”- A Guide to Informed Decision Making

Many Women and Providers Are Unprepared for an Evidence-Based, Educated Conversation About Birth

Autonomy, Information, and Power

Deficiencies of Informed Consent

An Obstetrician’s Hope

Provider Red Flags

Mental Preparation for Birth


Pre and Perinatal Experiences for Health and Healing

How To Prepare For Birth

Normal, Healthy Childbirth for Women and Families: What you Need to Know

10 Points to Remember About Birth

Expectations for Your Labor and Birth

I Don’t Care How You Give Birth

Why Birth Experience Matters

All That Matters is That Your Child is Healthy and Happy

Bring Your B.R.A.I.N.

The Pitfalls of Going With the Flow in Birth

What If? Shifting the Dialogue of Birth

What If…She is Stronger than She Knows?


Domestic Violence During Pregnancy

When Survivors Give Birth

How Can I Support Pregnant Survivors Accessing Services?


We Need More Midwives

Busting Midwifery Myths: Frontier Nursing University Gives the Facts on this Growing, Viable Healthcare Option

Miscarriage & Loss

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

After Miscarriage: Postpartum Care for Mothers Experiencing Loss

Honoring Miscarriage

Miscarriage and Birth

Walking Through Infant Loss

Mans Guide to Miscarriage

Lactation After Loss


Twins: Cesarean No Safer than Vaginal Birth

Evidence Supports Vaginal Twin Birth

An Evidence-based Approach to Determining Route of Delivery for Twin Gestations


Pregnancy Nutrition

The Brewer Pregnancy Diet

How a Pregnant Woman’s Choices Could Shape a Child’s Health

1,000 Days: The Period That Decides the Health and Wealth of the World

Your Rights

A Declaration of the Rights of Childbearing Women

Rights of Childbearing Women

Maternity Care Patients Rights

What is the Human Rights in Childbirth Movement?

Babies Have Rights Too

You’re Not Allowed to Not Allow Me

Parents In The Know: Hospital Policy

Parents In The Know: Communication in the Hospital

Why is it still controversial to say that women should make the decisions about childbirth?