Understanding Labor & Birth

Birthing Methods

Conscious Childbirth

Wonders of the Womb

Dignity in Childbirth

Transforming Scared Into Sacred Birth

When You Fail at Birth

They Lied… It Matters How You Birth

The Role of Fear in the U.S. Birthing Process

Natural Childbirth: The Evolutionary Template for Childbirth

Natural Childbirth III: Why Undisturbed Birth?

Amniotic Fluid Levels- What You Need to Know

Facts About Amniotic Sac, Placenta & Umbilical Cord

The Prescient Placenta

FAQs That Other People Have Already Answered


Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing and Its Implications for Women, Babies and Maternity Care

Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing

Fetal Lungs Protein Release Triggers Labor to Begin

Molecular Mechanisms Within Fetal Lungs Initiate Labor

Hormones Driving Labor and Birth

Giving Birth: The Endocrinology of Ecstacy

Natural Childbirth IV: The Hormones of Birth

Why Labor is Good for Babies

Labor & Progress

Early Labor and Mixed Messages

Active Birth- For A Shorter Labour, Less Pain, and More

Friedman’s Curve and Failure to Progress: A Leading Cause of Unplanned C-sections

Making Progress in Labor is More than Just Dilation

Cervical dilation is (now mathematically shown to be) unpredictable

Will Baby Fit?

Optimal Fetal Positioning – Helping to Make Birth Better

How Long Can Labor Safely Be

Effects of Spontaneous Pushing versus Valsalva Pushing in the Second Stage of Labour on the Mother and Fetus: a Systematic Review of Randomised Trials

Protecting Your Perineum

Most Healthy Women Would Benefit From Light Meal During Labor

Q&A: Food and Drink During Labor

5 Things to Nourish Your Body in Labor

Vocalization and Use of Tones During Labor

The Truth About Labor & Cervical Scar Tissue

Cervical Scar Tissue: A Cause of Preventable C-sections


The Healthy Birth: Dyad or Triad? Exploring Birth and the Microbiome

The Human Microbiome: considerations for pregnancy, birth, and early mothering

Bundle of Joyful Microbes: Mom’s DNA Alters Baby’s Gut Bacteria

The infant gut microbiome: New studies on its origins and how its knocked out of balance

Like Genes, Our Microbes Pass from Parent to Child

Human Microbiome May Be Seeded Before Birth

Breech Birth (see also

Breech Babies are Another Variation of Normal

Evidence for Using Moxibustion to Turn Breech Babies

How the Webster Technique Can Help

What is the Evidence for Using an ECV to Turn a Breech Baby?

How a Doula helps with Breech ECV

External Cephalic Version (ECV)- 5 Things to Consider Before Having One

The Complications of External Cephalic Version: Results from 805 Consecutive Attempts

Hospital Breech Birth: The Illusion of the Lack of Choice

ACOG Committee Opinion: Mode of Term Singleton Breech Delivery

Breech Birth After Cesarean (BBAC)

Breech Decisions

Birth Location

Home Birth

“Homebirth” with an Obstetrician: A Series of 135 Out of Hospital Births

Medical Literature on the Safety of Home Birth

Home Birth Safety

Why Homebirth is 1,000 Times Safer Than Hospital Birth for Low Risk US Women

Natural Childbirth: Is Homebirth More Dangerous than Hospital Birth?

Birth Center Birth

Outcomes of Care in Birth Centers: Demonstration of a Durable Model

Hospital-based Birth

What to Expect When Birthing in a Hospital

What Does It Mean to be Mother-Baby Friendly, Really?

Learning About Routine Interventions in the Hospital

Active Birth In the Hospital

Pelvic Exams Near Term

Normal Labor Takes More Time Than OBs Are Allowing For

Cesarean Birth

12 Ways to Have a Mother-Friendly Cesarean

Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery

Top 7 Cesarean & VBAC Websites That Every Birth Pro Needs To Know About

The Vanishing Mother: Cesarean Section and “Evidenced-Based Obstetrics”

Twin Study: Planned Cesarean No Safer than Vaginal Delivery

Top 10 Signs Your Doctor is Planning to Perform an Unnecessary Cesarean Section on You

Women Pushed into Cesarean Births

Myth of the Elective Cesarean

Birth Uncut

Documented Causes of Unnecesareans

Effect of Cesarean Birth Can Last a Lifetime

Natural Childbirth VII: C-section Risks and Complications

Research: Could Birth-Canal Bacteria Help C-section Babies?

Do newborns delivered by C-section face higher risk of chronic health problems later in life?

Cesarean Section & Delayed Clamping

Trial of Labor Prior to Cesarean

The Harmful Consequences of Prelabour Cesarean Section on the Baby

Respiratory Morbidity Benefit of Awaiting Onset of Labor After Elective Cesarean Section

Neonatal Morbidity After Elective Repeat Cesarean Section and Trial of Labor

Labor Before a Primary Cesarean Delivery: Reduced Risk in Uterine Rupture in a Subsequent Trial of Labor for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Science You Can Use: Cesarean Birth Without Labor Associated with Breastfeeding Problems

C-sections Are Best With a Little Labor, A Study Says


Natural Pain Relief Options for Labour

The Most Scientific Birth is Often the Least Technological Birth

Are IV Fluids Necessary?

Amniotomy for Shortening Spontaneous Labour

What is the Evidence for Inducing Labor if Your Water Breaks at Term?

What is the Evidence for Going on Bed Rest if Your Water Breaks?

10 Procedures to Think Twice About During Pregnancy

Common Childbirth Procedures Are NOT Supported by Scientific Evidence

Labor Interrupted

5 Reasons Why Your Birth Can Affect Your Baby and Your Parenting

New Research: Direct Correlation Between Labor Pain Medications and Breastfeeding


Epidural Analgesia: A Delicate Dance Between its Positive Role and its Unwanted Side Effects

Pain Management for Women in Labor: A Research Review

Thoughts on Epidurals, Risk, and Decision Making

The Hidden Risk of Epidurals

Epidural: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Natural Childbirth V: Epidural Side Effects and Risks

Does Epidural Analgesia Predispose to Persistent OP?

Fetal Monitoring

Fetal Heart Rates During Labor Not Linked to Health

Evidence-based Fetal Monitoring

Gestational Diabetes

Does Gestational Diabetes Always Mean a Big Baby and Induction?


What is the Evidence for Induction or C-section for a Big Baby? (updated!)

The Surprising Lack of Evidence for Postdate Birth Induction

What is the Evidence for Induction for Low Amniotic Fluid?

Considering Induction?

Induction of Labour: Balancing Risks

Induction: A Step by Step Guide

5 Q&A About Inducing From Our CEO

Induced and Seduced: The Dangers of Cytotec

Early Deliveries Without Medical Indications: Just Say No


Oxytocin During Labor and Risk of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Pitocin, The Whole Story

21 Reasons to Say No to Pitocin

Study Finds Adverse Effects of Pitocin in Newborns

What is the Evidence for Pitocin Augmentation?

Natural Childbirth VI: Pitocin Side Effects and Risks

Saline Lock

Evidence for the Saline Lock During Labor


The Biology of Ultrasounds

Natural Childbirth IIa: Is Ultrasound Necessary & Effective in Pregnancy?

Natural Childbirth IIb: Ultrasound Not as Safe as Commonly Thought

Ultrasound: 7 Reasons Your Developing Baby Says It’s Not Safe or Painless

 Newborn Procedures

The Golden Hour After Birth

A Sober Look at Neonatal Care

Common Objections to Delayed Cord Clamping

Great Clamping Debate

Delaying Umbilical Cord Clamping for preterm infants results in better motor development

Beyond the APGAR

Delaying Baby’s First Bath: 8 Reasons Why Doctors Recommend Waiting Up To 48 hours Before Bathing a Newborn

‘Wait for Eight’ Delayed Bathing Helps Newborns Thrive

Wait! Don’t Wash That Baby!

Vernix Caseosa Benefits

An Actively Managed Placental Birth

Take it Off: Why You Should Drop Your Newborn’s Hat

Hats on Newborn Babies: Reasons to Ditch the Hat


The Evidence on: Erythromycin Eye Ointment for Newborns

Eye Ointment at Birth: A Dated Tradition

How to Survive the NICU

10 Incredible Gifts for NICU Families

“Should We Private Bank Our Baby’s Cord Blood?”- Information that can help you answer that question


VBAC Birth: Success Rates, Risks & How to Prepare

Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC) – What to Expect

13 Myths About VBAC

Compilation of VBAC/ERCS Research to Date

VBAC or Repeat Cesarean?

Uterine Rupture: A Look at 20 Peer-Reviewed Publications

NIH VBAC Panel Statement

50 Ways to Protest of VBAC Denial

A Woman’s Guide to VBAC: Putting Uterine Rupture into Perspective

Fight Back for VBAC: Protesting the Sorry State of VBACs Today

Sharp Rise in Rate of Delivery-related Severe Sepsis


Evidence on the Safety of Waterbirth

Using Water for Labor and Birth

Waterbirth Information/FAQ